Bonjour y’all, I’m Vanessa, Owner of Cade Republic. I'm a Creative Consultant, Stylist, and Art Director for TV.  My design philosophy is warmth, function, and story.  Life is about balance. 

Home is your place to feel happy and at peace in the world (and giving you a big 'ol hug.) Literally everything happens here! and your home should reflect that. You and your loved ones are the stars of your real world movie life, and the center of this is your home...perhaps even with a bit of jam on your countertop, as no one really LIVES as they do on set or in a magazine photo. But you can come pretty dang close with my professional help!

DESIGN CONSULTING & CREATIVE STUDIO: My services include taking the “wow factor” of the design we did for TV shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Tiny House Nation and translating this for real, everyday life. Design consultations are available by appointment, bringing HGTV worthy style to your home with my unique perspective.  In your consultation we will discuss your thoughts, needs and goals...what brings you happiness!  We can use what you already have or start from scratch.  It all depends on your vision, timeline, and budget.  We will also discuss mindfulness and how to reuse, recycle, and give new life to your belongings.  I will also happily share a slew of other tricks I have up my sleeve from working on a wide variety of homes, projects and umpteen years of experience.  Pretty much anything you want to tend to or try, I can figure out a way to do it!  The Studio is for meetings as well as for idea shopping, brainstorming and the Shop has one of a kind, handpicked items for sale to the public. 

CREDENTIALS: Traveling the USA a decade working on incredible home design and renovation TV shows: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, HOME FREE, Tiny House Nation, for HGTV and Food Network (this is the short list) allowed life and professional experience I am infinitely grateful for…. crash grad course in solo and team design, elite problem solving, pushing through and beyond limits (yours and everyone else’s) and always coming out the other side.  Extreme was a magical time in our lives and we were lucky to have been there for the ride. We formed an unparalleled creative think tank… and, Holy perfect velvet tufted sofa, do we know our stuff!  I continue to work with my talented TV family as the stars align.  From this work I gleaned that yes! home can be a jaw dropping, gorgeous TV camera ready space...but it can also be a state of mind. And it can be about a place or people.  And it can serve different purposes at different points in your story.  There is no one answer.  Just the wonderful feeling you have in your home.

After much soul searching, my heart called me back to Texas. This chapter is about roots, personal growth, creative happiness, and quality of life. And a whole lotta glorious sunsets. The embodiment of CADE REPUBLIC: Texifornian style and grace, deep in the heart of Texas, y'all. (clap x 4!) 




My parents were born and raised in Tyler (Charles Price) and Chandler (Juanita Cade Price) and moved to Houston after they married in 1963.  Professionally, my mother was a Home Economics teacher with a Masters in Psychology and my father worked at NASA as a rocket scientist for 37 years. I definitely picked up a few things from them!

I was blessed to have the best of both worlds, big artsy city and charming small town life. They returned to Chandler around 2002 to care for my grandparents and eventually to retire, as there is no other place like it. I've spent holidays, summers, and free time in these woods all my life. And now I call this home. Everyone is family here. (As in literally you are related to most people!)  CADE REPUBLIC is named for my mother’s family and the loving community here I’ve been in awe of since I was little. Good hearted people, purposeful living and warm homes. 

I am granddaughter to William Jackson Cade and Rose Oglesby Cade of Chandler, TX, great granddaughter to John W. Cade and Alice Rice, and great, great granddaugther to David Cade and Mary Ingram of Edom, TX.