On the road again....

Edom I miss you!

I have been on assignment with HGTV + on the road since April 2019! and now am rounding the last curve and ready to break away for the home stretch. (I ran track in school so love me some track lingo.) We are doing 10 episodes over this 10th season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and I am SO proud to be a part of it as Sr. Design Producer. I worked on the original show Seasons 5-9, so it was a bit like what they say about riding a bike. You never forget, but things do change! And similarly to riding a bike later in life, my butt happens to be a little bit bigger than I remembered.

My job included being first on the ground in LA to represent the design team while my lead and partner, Veronica Valencia renovated Air BnB rentals for Cash Pad, now airing on NBC. I was privileged and glad to woman the ship and also so glad VV could keep her promise to Production Design the full series to Ming, our friend who had sold her first show – a super big deal in the TV world! I was on hold for about the month of March with a packed suitcase, and when I got the green light, Tim and I left in matter of a few days and he joined me for the cross country drive. He is my heart, and both him and my family help me keep my head and shoulders on straight through this whirlwind whipping me all over.

Design Dept work for Extreme is always a sprint… so being in the office on prep was an added experience, gave me a minute and helped me adjust early to the fact we WE‘RE BACK, and making our beloved show again.
Y’all are gonna love it! It is, of course, different than the original, it is 10 years later, HGTV has it’s own demographic/ budget and we are no longer affiliated with ABC Disney. The heart and soul of the show remains, and this round we are giving more thoughtful, well designed forever homes to our families and EVERYONE is happy about that. Yea!
I carry with me everyone who worked on or volunteered for the former show. So much knowledge transpired for the common community goal of this modern barn raising. I take the wisdom + golden nuggets deep to heart and share it loud and proud to anyone who will listen. I often credit Michael Maloney for teaching me so much about design, both residential and design for TV.

When this is complete, I will have been in about 10 living spaces… and while I am packing with military precision, I confess I do still over pack. Most aspects of my life are with me and I find that comforting. I do consistently consider the Marie Kondo method, but rather than eliminating I am using things up because I’ve been at this going on 6months! Future blog post: packing with precision but also for comfort + and a sense of home away from home.

It has been a dream to be back in LA, and so many things have changed and not changed since I moved here 2002. California is pretty incredible (even if it’s not for everyone.) No place is! That is the beauty of it.

Driving down Fountain I will always think of Sonja. Yesterday on my day off I had a sensory memory of wanting to call her and see what she was up to and if she in town and was free. We used to do that a lot, it was very hit or miss…just call when we could as we were both so busy with work. I know she felt me honoring her spirit in wanting to hang out, like no time had passed. Like she was still here with us. She is still here with us, she is in my heart and I am lucky to feel it so deeply here as well in Texas.

I’ll see you ETX family at Edom Festival of the Arts, 2019. I’ll be ready for hugs, love and lots of familiar creative faces. I am going to have the shop stocked and loaded with some cool things I have found along my journey! Cade Republic will pick up where I left - planning for workshops and gatherings, and I will definitely have a premiere party for this first episode of EMHE come 2020, plus another viewing party for the Bakersfield episode (I was lead on interiors on Bakersfield episode + my other duties.)

And I’ll also be ready for local design work and collaborations, so let me have it ETX and beyond! See y’all soon!

Keep on Keeping On,


Vanessa and Paige... part two

My creative, beautiful friend Paige posted about me on her Instagram account today which has, only about 19.5K followers (@paige_morse)….I am humbled and privileged to be included in her first event setting foot back on Texas soil from her year-long wellness sabbatical in the California desert.

Paige is posting bios of meet the artists/makers for the pop up – Nov. 8, 9, 10th at the Old Community Well in Plano, TX.  Holiday shopping and a cat adoption, whee!  I’ll be in from Edom on Friday night! (Thursday will also be a wine event.)  Something for basically everyone who has beautiful taste. https://www.facebook.com/OldCommunityWell/ 

She asked me to write up a bio and give my resume highlights and I thought I’d share:

Paige and I became friends after liking many of each other’s posts on Instagram for about a year.  I was moving from LA back to Texas after 14 yrs of working as an Art Director in television production/home renovation shows (travelled all over the US.) I reached out to her on a whim asking for help on transitioning to residential interiors in Texas. In trade, I also offered my unsolicited opinion on a production company trying to court her to showcase her charm and design talent.  I had an incomplete feeling about the story on them and explained that MANY producers talk a big game but to be very careful with what she had built for herself, and that she could call me to discuss this anytime.  We meshed instantly, because she knew I (tho really a perfect stranger) had her best intentions at heart.  We’ve been like family every since. She helped me brainstorm Cade Republic brick and mortar shop/studio in Edom, Texas into what it is today.  Paige is gold, I love staying with her in her home.  Before she sold her Oak Cliff home, "my room" when I came to visit just happend to be the same room on the cover of Justina Blakely's The New Bohemians Handbook.

Being in hosted in someone’s home is a privilege and unique joy in a world where we don’t have as much human connection as we once did.  (I am a child of the 80s...we ran and played at each other’s houses after school. People used letters and landlines to communicate. No one called your house during dinner or late unless it was an emergency.) 

I can’t help but get inside someone’s head, heart and emotions when I am inside their home. Photography has also been a special love of mine for similar reasons.  This is the major draw of IG for me, I can feel other peoples’ spaces, travel and experiences thru their visual storytelling.  It’s compelling AF. 

My special talent has always been that I can read someone often almost instantly.  Sometimes even when the person is not even able to read themselves.  This is a skill I hope to hold onto through advancing technology, public announcements, instant messages, and disappearing videos. 

Homes can be a reflection of you or just a place to live til you live somewhere else.  Similarly, you can eat to survive or you can nourish yourself.  Everywhere I have travelled I make myself a home even if it’s a temporary assignment.  It’s how I take care of myself. I also make myself GOOD food.  You cannot burn the candle at both ends in your life or work without running out of wick.  Taking care of yourself reminds you to think ahead and not allow this happen as often, bc the world doing it to you is enough.  You can take good care of yourself you just have to try hard. Part of this is loving your yourself, the people in it, the responsible choices you are making.  Part of this is loving your home.

Wheverever you are in your story, when you want to live in a place you love, I want you to call me.  We will talk about your hopes and dreams and how you can love yourself in the place you make your home.

Tiny House Nation, FIY Network (Season 4) Art Direction by: Vanessa Price

Tiny House Nation, FIY Network (Season 4) Art Direction by: Vanessa Price

IG: @CadeRepublic, www.caderepublic.com

Resume highlights:

Owner, Cade Republic Design Consulting

Brand Consultant

Production Designer on Aloha Builds (airing now on DIY Network) 

Art Director on Tiny House Nation (Season 4)

Sr. Design Producer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Seasons 5-9)

Networks include; HGTV, DIY, Food Network, ABC, NBC, FOX, TLC, FYI




Fall Aloha Y'all! (CADE REPUBLIC update)


This past weekend was Edom Festival of the Arts 2018, and a lovely way to reconnect with our incredible community of artists after spending most of the last year in Hawaii on Aloha Builds!  Heavy rains and a tornado warning shut the festival down early, but many new and familiar faces came out to see us! 

©Cade Republic / Edom Festival of the Arts 2018

©Cade Republic / Edom Festival of the Arts 2018

For more info on annual EDOM ARTS FESTIVAL: http://visitedom.com/edom-art-festival/

Side note, I adore having the Farmacy here, which is Grow It Forward’s farmers market two shops down. They have been open about a year, but I was in Hawaii for most of it! https://www.facebook.com/growitforwardfarmtexas/


Cade Republic will be open to the public Wednesday-Friday 11-5pm (Thursday 11-7pm) and most Saturdays 10-3pm, please come by and see me!

***Known exceptions to schedule:

Travel to Dallas today/Saturday October 20th for event. Popping up potentially at Mindful Marathon in Tyler October 27th and Wine Stroll (& cat adoption!) in Plano Nov 10/11th. Travel to CA first weekend of December. ***These Saturdays I will NOT be in Edom, but my parents may be in the shop using the internet!


Cade Republic will be hosting Third Thursdays gatherings beginning in November- a once a month event on you guessed it! Third Thursdays of the month. Each gathering will have a predetermined concentration: group discussion, special interest topics, workshops. Updates to come.


Now that I am back and have rested a bit, I will be taking clients for 2019 clients.  This begins with accepting design consultations for the remainder of 2018! Give me a call, email or come by to say hello during posted shop hours.


Aloha Builds is currently airing on DIY Network (and is 5 episodes in.)  This was the series filmed on Oahu that I Production Designed for from fall 2017-summer 2018. I imagine there will be an entry *or three about my extended time in Hawaii.  Palest island girl there ever was!

Link to Aloha Builds highlight reel: https://www.diynetwork.com/shows/aloha-builds/aloha-builds-season-1-video-highlights-videos

Aloha Builds Instagram: @alohabuilds

DIY Network info and schedule: https://www.diynetwork.com/shows/aloha-builds

Aloha Builds will continue to air on DIY Network and is likely moving to daytime October 22.  We featured our builder as a client in the next episode to air (A Touch of Hawaii) and features my favorite backsplash of the season! Lunada Bay glass tile: Luce bamboo in silk finish http://lunadabaytile.com/LBT_luce_color.html

Aloha Builds is also slated to air on HGTV in December. 

©Aloha Builds

©Aloha Builds

A Dolly Christmas Story…

All my life I’ve loved Dolly Parton.  It began with her incredible, stand out style and music… held strong though the 80s/90s, Dora Lee in 9 to 5, Steel Magnolias and I continued to idolize her by playing her records through the last decade with my friends in LA who also love her, and I thought?!  this love hit its zenith about a year ago during my musical tour through the South on a visit to Dollywood.

Then I had a Dolly MOMENT.  

It began last year while making a ton of Christmas cookies ….and I was on sugar cookies detail (and on a sugar high and into wine.)  As I started icing the angels I thought, I’d like a tiny bit of icing to cookie ratio, so the lovely shape and flavor shines.  So I gave them boobs.  Lots of folks have preferential treatment to words for knockers, but boobs is universal, tho I think titties is also quite acceptable tho some do find it offensive.  I digress.

So I made this um, well appointed angel chorus… and they were delicate yet powerful, noticed by those who notice off-beat humor, and were well appreciated by this humor.  Just like me.





This year, my friend Daniel of ColourStudios | Facebook invited me to participate and promoted a holiday event in Tulsa for adults;  holiday shopping with live entertainment in the form of burlesque!  He does a wildly popular erotic art event annually titled: "Nude" which brings upwards of two thousand folks.  It’s an institution in Tulsa with a loyal, funky, artsy following.  I have yet to participate in the event because A) even tho it’s cool I didn’t want it to be the first thing Google brought up for me after leaving Extreme  Makeover: Home Edition B) it’s always our birthday weekend and C) Daniel gets a little channel 8 craycray (partially loses his mind to his art) that weekend ;).

Travis, my big brother from another mother of Texas Design Shed | Facebook, expertly crafted 5 kinds of fudge, 5 flavors of popcorn, 5 types of truffles, peek-a-boo minature art scenes, and CHOCOLATE CANDIED ROSEMARY BACON for the holiday event (without breaking a dang sweat), casually challenged me to make the Dolly Angels, as we called them at Christmas last year, for the event.  I planned to bring vintage home accessories from the shop and so I thought, sure!  I’ll make Dolly Angels. And also spicy hot chocolate jars inspired by my mamma; with cayenne pepper and another with butterscotch, as I can’t get enough of butterscotch.  My mom helped make two batches of her sugar cookie dough, and I upped the ante by using pink pearl sugar spheres for nipples and added Dutch-pressed cocoa power into the royal icing for angels also with chocolate boobs.

Three days of work later, I bagged, affixed custom labels and had about 200 cookies (as well as same for hot chocolate.)  And boy howdy, the cookies were a big hit!  I didn’t sell a ton, likely because I gave free samples away left and right as attendance was challenged with all day rain…however the smiles, looks, giggles, elbow-elbow nudges between friends/lovers, and loud feedback of how fun and delicious the cookies were was honestly was better than selling out.  My culinary creativity was called upon, brought, executed, appreciated and well eaten!  That’s all anyone who has cooking or baking in their soul could hope for.  And I reaffirmed my intense awe of friends who are full time chefs, culinary producers and/or food stylists.  Y’all are intensely gifted.

PART 2! We got back from Tulsa late Sunday, and Monday I headed to Austin so see my be fri Jennifer, who was there for work for the week sans husband or kids.  Getting a dinner to ourselves is a Christmas present in itself, and I’d make a 3.5 hour drive from Chandler to do that any chance I get.  We’ve been friends since we were 8 years old.  You have to work just as hard for that length of friendship as you would in a marriage... to pay homage, nurture and love each other over 30+ years.  Over sushi when possible!

On my way down to Austin Monday, I called my friend (and EM:HE colleague)  Kim who I had promised to try to see for lunch before heading back Tuesday.  Turns out she had meetings, but would I like to join her and two other ladies for Dolly Parton Tuesday night? WOULD I LIKE TO JOIN FOR DOLLY PARTON AND POTENTIALLY A MEET AND GREET WITH DOLLY HERSELF?  HECK, YES! And by the way, Kim, I have a trunk full of Dolly Angel cookies, would you like me to bring some by for your tree decorating party tonight?  And I did, and we stayed up way too late with good company, food, fire and conversation. And of course, Dolly Angel sugar cookies.

We did get to meet Dolly, as Kim’s friend who gave us the tickets happened to be Dolly’s costumer and the handsome cowboy setting up between songs, handsomely ferrying her 7+ instruments to and fro.  I am a SUPERFAN of music.  Anyone who knows me, knows I go to shows every chance I get, am usually playing Tiny Desk concerts weekly, if I am able music plays in background and sing to myself constantly as a mood booster.

The Dolly concert was my favorite show of all time, and my fav moment was her belting out Yakky Yak, the Benny Hill theme music, on her appropriately custom sized, blinged out saxophone TWICE, the second she turned around backwards scooting her tush in perfectly hilarious Benny Hill time.

My second fav moment was meeting before the show! and breathily sweaking to Dolly: “I think you are fabulous!!!” with a trio of angel cookies in my faux fur leopard coat pocket.  Because tho I soooo wanted her to see her likeness in sugar form, it just wasn’t an appropriate time to whip them out.  I have been around numerous celebs on Extreme Makeover, and I never asked for photos as I felt like they were just people like us, trying to do their job.  Somewhere between giving those famous folks space and making these cookies, I got to meet (with photographic evidence) a lifelong hero of mine, Dolly Parton.  A karmic gift from the universe perhaps for loving her so dang much.  She is a literally a beacon of light in all of my photos from the show.  Ooooooohhhh the sparkle and wit! Gold hearted goddess. Musical genius. Truth bringer.  Wise sage. Eternal friend. Hysterical storyteller. Fairy godmother. Forever my favorite muse.

So now, the Dolly Angel sugar cookies will be made EVERY Christmas in her honor.  Thank you, the fabulous Kim Lewis and (her gracious friend Steve) for making my hard Candy Christmas dreams come true. 

And P.S. congrats Kim on all things wonderful Kim, and being recently featured on one of my most read sites: Inhabitat: Tiny Austin home by Kim Lewis - Inhabitat




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3,2,1 blog BLASTOFF! for Edom Arts Festival!

Growing up in Houston Space City culture, 3,2,1 seems like an appropriate launch for the Cade Republic blog!


Cade Republic opened its doors for Edom Arts Festival this past weekend and it was glorious!  Faithful festivalgoers, out of towners, friends and family visited the studio.  I made some wonderful like-minded contacts for prospective clients, East Texas Arts groups, and upcoming festivals.  Talked family, design, design wellness and design consultation to many a new face! Amongst the most discussed and coveted items on the shop floor; jewel tone wooly crocheted fringe blankets, Thai vintage textiles, vintage potted succulents and plants, WW2 portrait, and a French essay collection. 


This weekend was a long time coming, and I’m so glad Cade Republic was a part of the Festival! 

Vanessa Price, Design Consultant and Owner Of Cade Republic

Vanessa Price, Design Consultant and Owner Of Cade Republic