Vanessa and Paige... part two

My creative, beautiful friend Paige posted about me on her Instagram account today which has, only about 19.5K followers (@paige_morse)….I am humbled and privileged to be included in her first event setting foot back on Texas soil from her year-long wellness sabbatical in the California desert.

Paige is posting bios of meet the artists/makers for the pop up – Nov. 8, 9, 10th at the Old Community Well in Plano, TX.  Holiday shopping and a cat adoption, whee!  I’ll be in from Edom on Friday night! (Thursday will also be a wine event.)  Something for basically everyone who has beautiful taste. 

She asked me to write up a bio and give my resume highlights and I thought I’d share:

Paige and I became friends after liking many of each other’s posts on Instagram for about a year.  I was moving from LA back to Texas after 14 yrs of working as an Art Director in television production/home renovation shows (travelled all over the US.) I reached out to her on a whim asking for help on transitioning to residential interiors in Texas. In trade, I also offered my unsolicited opinion on a production company trying to court her to showcase her charm and design talent.  I had an incomplete feeling about the story on them and explained that MANY producers talk a big game but to be very careful with what she had built for herself, and that she could call me to discuss this anytime.  We meshed instantly, because she knew I (tho really a perfect stranger) had her best intentions at heart.  We’ve been like family every since. She helped me brainstorm Cade Republic brick and mortar shop/studio in Edom, Texas into what it is today.  Paige is gold, I love staying with her in her home.  Before she sold her Oak Cliff home, "my room" when I came to visit just happend to be the same room on the cover of Justina Blakely's The New Bohemians Handbook.

Being in hosted in someone’s home is a privilege and unique joy in a world where we don’t have as much human connection as we once did.  (I am a child of the 80s...we ran and played at each other’s houses after school. People used letters and landlines to communicate. No one called your house during dinner or late unless it was an emergency.) 

I can’t help but get inside someone’s head, heart and emotions when I am inside their home. Photography has also been a special love of mine for similar reasons.  This is the major draw of IG for me, I can feel other peoples’ spaces, travel and experiences thru their visual storytelling.  It’s compelling AF. 

My special talent has always been that I can read someone often almost instantly.  Sometimes even when the person is not even able to read themselves.  This is a skill I hope to hold onto through advancing technology, public announcements, instant messages, and disappearing videos. 

Homes can be a reflection of you or just a place to live til you live somewhere else.  Similarly, you can eat to survive or you can nourish yourself.  Everywhere I have travelled I make myself a home even if it’s a temporary assignment.  It’s how I take care of myself. I also make myself GOOD food.  You cannot burn the candle at both ends in your life or work without running out of wick.  Taking care of yourself reminds you to think ahead and not allow this happen as often, bc the world doing it to you is enough.  You can take good care of yourself you just have to try hard. Part of this is loving your yourself, the people in it, the responsible choices you are making.  Part of this is loving your home.

Wheverever you are in your story, when you want to live in a place you love, I want you to call me.  We will talk about your hopes and dreams and how you can love yourself in the place you make your home.

Tiny House Nation, FIY Network (Season 4) Art Direction by: Vanessa Price

Tiny House Nation, FIY Network (Season 4) Art Direction by: Vanessa Price

IG: @CadeRepublic,

Resume highlights:

Owner, Cade Republic Design Consulting

Brand Consultant

Production Designer on Aloha Builds (airing now on DIY Network) 

Art Director on Tiny House Nation (Season 4)

Sr. Design Producer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Seasons 5-9)

Networks include; HGTV, DIY, Food Network, ABC, NBC, FOX, TLC, FYI